Introducing: Evran – Your Presence Is Haunting

Evran is an Norwegian bedroom artist/producer.

He just released his third single Your Presence Is Haunting.

The song sounds so good. I like the brilliant guitar work. Besides, the vocals are stellar. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the raw lo-fi haunting atmosphere.

Lyrically, Evran delivers. He has a unique writing style.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”The lyrics were something that just flowed out of me in the moment, but in retrospect I realise that they are about addiction, be it to substance or people. An abusive addiction that follows you and you feel the presence of it like a ghost at all times.”

Evran’s music connects with the universe. His art is next level.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s a gem.

You can stream Your Presence Is Haunting on SoundCloud or Spotify!