Introducing: Estella Dawn – Hallow

Estella is a New Zealand born, Colorado based singer-songwriter. At 23 her work speaks with maturity and confidence.

In January, the singer-songwriter released Hallow. The song will be featured on her upcoming debut album.

Vocally, Estella is magnificent. She sings with much expression.

The lyrics are well-written. Estella has an impressive writing style. Every line in the song is golden.

Speaking about the track, the singer-songwriter says: ”This song is a little grungy, a little dark, a little acidic. I wrote it about when you invest all of your time, energy and love into somebody and they just throw it right back in your face.”

Estella’s art speaks for itself. Her talent has no end.

The song captures listeners’ attention right away. It’s a real gem.

You can stream Hallow on SoundCloud or Spotify!