Introducing: MoonBee + The Astronauts – Invincible

Photo by Anna Jarmolowicz

The artist MoonBee and her Astronauts take you to a distant, sparkling galaxy with captivating astropop. A book of remembrance of being a tiny little creature in an infinite universe.

MoonBee + The Astronauts recently released their third single Invincible. Produced and mixed by Anders Boll. Mastered by Emil Thomsen.

The song sounds so good. I like the groovy rhythms. Besides, the vocals are sublime. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the catchy hooks and ethereal synths.

Lyrically, MoonBee delivers. She has an amazing writing style.

The artist tells about Invincible that “The song is a tribute to the people who make you shine. A friendship anthem for the kind of friends where all one has to do is reach out and then they throw everything they have in their hands to help out. A reminder that if you spend time with people who make you feel safe then you can overcome much more than you can alone. 

MoonBee also explains that this particular project, MoonBee + The Astronauts, is an attempt to reunite the music of her life with the joy and desire to create – something that can be incredibly difficult in an industry where there are a lot of attitudes towards how to dress and impress and a lot of inward expectations of how to perform.

“The whole idea of ​​MoonBee + The Astronauts stems from a desire to free myself from a lot of unconstructive impostor thoughts to find my way back to the joy of making music – to play. Because I don’t make music to stiffen my ego – I do it because I want to create music with good people. With exactly this in mind I wrote the song Invincible to thank my awesome band ‘The Astronauts’ because they repeatedly remind me how amazing it is to share life with good creatures that makes me feel safe and happy. Together with them I can feel totally invincible ”.

MoonBee and her Astronauts are fantastic. Invincible deserves to be heard. It has all the ingredients of a hit.

The song was recorded at Penguin Productions by Esben Inglev.

You can stream Invincible on Spotify!