Introducing: Notelle – Bugs

While still continuing to further establish her “nightmare pop” sound, Notelle drops a new single titled Bugs, a twisting contortion of alt-pop.

The song has a surreal quality to it. I like the distorted gritty bass. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I’m also a fan of the rhythmic section.

Lyrically, Notelle delivers. She’s a talented storyteller.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: “I wrote Bugs during a break up where it felt like that person was still in my body in some capacity. The impact of someone else’s choices left literal and metaphorical residue on me, and I felt dirty. I kept imagining it as a bad hallucination – like bugs. Was this person capable of hurting me more? Was the worst of it over? Or was another bomb going to be dropped on me when I felt like I was out of the woods? I wanted this song to embody that level of paranoia, you know? When you check behind doors or shower curtains when you’re alone in your house – or when you can’t tell if the noises in you hear in the silence are in your head or are real. That’s a bizarre place to be, and ultimately, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t out of my mind. In fact, they were.”

Notelle creates her own musical world. Her work has depth.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s a modern masterpiece in my opinion.

Notelle will be donating all proceeds from streaming revenues off the first two months of the single to support the Black Live Matters x Police Defund Movement.

You can stream Bugs on SoundCloud or Spotify!