Introducing: Estella Dawn – Spooky

Estella Dawn is a 23 year old New Zealand born (Kiwi), Colorado based singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist.

Now more than half way into 2020 and Estella is on track to delivering a full length LP by the end of the year. Releasing a single every six weeks has increased an already enthusiastic following along with praise for the songs originality and diversity of styles.

Estalla shares new single titled Spooky.

The song features powerful vocals, catchy hooks and unique grooves.

Lyrically, Estella is a genius. She writes so well.

”Have you ever woken from a nightmare about an old and dysfunctional relationship and it feels like your ex is in the room, haunting you? Being controlled and smothered is never a good feeling but then you realize that you could also be a part of the problem in your relationships,” comments Estella.

The artist continues to deliver good music.  Her art skills are always on point.

Spooky deserves 5 stars. It’s a must hear.

You can stream Spooky on SoundCloud or Spotify!