Introducing: Shébani – Higher

There are hidden sides to each person; thoughts we submerge, emotions we contain, words we decide not to pick. In a world where control is perceived as the be-all end-all of everything, it is sometimes the parts concealed that measure our strength. Shébani serves to address the elements that, we as humans, refuse to expose. To make music that embodies the hidden aspect of each of our own worlds.

Shébani recently released a new single titled Higher.

The song features dreamy vocals, soulful melodies and memorable hooks.

An ode. A metaphor. To finally understanding the beauty and strength that comes from “being on your own”. Higher represents the determined clarity that is finding solace within yourself. Knowing that you are capable on moving forward in life with the support of just one person; and that person is you.

The video really captures the spirit of the song. Filmed and edited by Shébani.

As expressed in the song, Higher promises to make the listeners “close their eyes” and “drift away”.

Shébani’s talent has no end. She makes real art. Her versatility is amazing.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s a modern masterpiece in my opinion.

You can stream Higher on SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube!