Introducing: Evelyn Cools – Gold Woman

Photo by Tye Edwards

Evelyn Cools is a folk-rock artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Coming from a multi-cultural background, she is originally from Belgium but has spent her whole life moving between different corners of the world including Hong Kong, Budapest and London. This sense of wandering is a driving force behind her songs, as well as the connectivity between people and the natural world.

She recently released a new single titled Gold Woman.

The song features unique rhythms, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, Cools delivers. She has an impressive writing style.

While on the surface, Gold Woman is about cheating, the message is more nuanced than that. “It is about fantasizing and yearning for the things we don’t have, a reality that doesn’t even exist in the first place. The gold woman represents the ‘perfect’ woman, both from the male as well as the female perspective,” Cools explains. “She is enchanting, mesmerizing, and a little wicked, but also a symbol of superficiality in our modern world run by social media and unrealistic expectations. We crave her, loathe her, want to be her. But is she worth it?”

The artist’s talent has no end. Her music is always on point.

Gold Woman deserves to be heard. It’s a modern masterpiece in my opinion.

Cools’s new EP Misfit Paradise will be out everywhere on August 14, 2020.

You can stream Gold Woman on SoundCloud or Spotify!