Introducing: Julia Becker – Lie

Julia Becker is an up and coming pop singer/songwriter.

She wants her songs to resonate with people and would like to one day translate that connection into a headlining tour, saying, “performing at the arena ten minutes from where I live would be the most important show of my life.” With a frankness and talent far beyond her years, The artist continues to write new music in preparation for her forthcoming debut project, saying confidently, “I know it will be worth the wait in the end.”

Becker recently released a new single titled Lie.

The song features catchy pop melodies, delicate vocals, and impressive hooks.

Lyrically, Becker delivers. She has a unique writing style.

Lie is a letter to people who will do anything and everything to keep you from seeing who they really are in an attempt to appease you. No amount of fabrication can hide that from you.

Becker radiates talent. The song deserves to be heard. It’s a must-hear.

You can stream Lie on SoundCloud or Spotify!