Introducing: Suzanna – PaiPái

Suzanna (Suzanna Abellán) versatile and restless singer, guitarist and composer from Barcelona (L’H) with a long musical career behind her.

She recently released a new single titled PaiPái.

The song features catchy melodies, delicate vocals, and solid hooks.

PaiPái is inspired by the aesthetics of Carmen Miranda, a Portuguese-Brazilian artist from the 40’s, specifically by the look of the song Rebola a bola [Roll the ball] in the film Weekend in Habana (1941).

Lyrically, Suzanna shines. The song carries a message of liberation and celebration: learning to say “No” to everything that diminishes this.

Courage, detachment, decision, letting go, getting rid of the toxic, giving way to new paths, freeing oneself from stagnant situations that do not contribute anything. The lyrics also speak of personal experiences ranging from disappointment to gratitude.

The video really captures the spirit of the song. It was shot during the COVID 19 lockdown, on a 40 euros budget, and using a silicon pistol, a sewing machine and an iPhone.

Suzanna continues to deliver good music. Her talent has no end.

The song has all the ingredients of a hit. It deserves 5 stars.

You can stream PaiPái on SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube!