Introducing: VØR – Lost Child

Growing up in a small town called Waren/Müritz, VØR moves to Berlin in her early 20s. A new chapter in her life begins. She starts playing on several open mics and finds her way through the city. Instead of drowning the chaos of her mind and feelings in the nights of Berlin, the then 22-year- old rather rearranges them in her music.

VØR recently released a new EP titled LIMINAL II.

The song features quirky melodies, stellar vocals, and solid hooks.

VØR has a poetic writing style. She writes well.

Lost Child tells in a duet with the distorted self of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. About having no idea how to get through all this pain. But also from not giving up on yourself. ”The song is a tribute to me and to all other people struggling with mental problems,” explains VØR. ”It should be a reminder that you are never alone – even if it feels like it.“

VØR makes real art. Her music connects with people.

The song is definitely worth a listen.

You can stream Lost Child on Spotify!