Introducing: ALITA – Bodies

Photo by Austin Hodaie

Bodies is a departure from ALITA’s most recent singles Human Nature and Too Close – which delved into the toxicity of unhealthy romantic behavior and landed on Spotify’s official Fresh: Pop and TIDAL’s Rising: Pop – and instead tackles the topic of sex from a strong female perspective.

The song features lush pop textures, sublime vocals, and catchy hooks.

Lyrically, ALITA delivers. She has an impressive writing style.

After realizing her male collaborators were lacking the feminine energy the song required, ALITA chose to go at the writing process alone. ALITA explains, I’d wanted to write a song like Bodies for a long time, but felt like the unconscious biases in the room would affect my writing and my openness… I was worried the heart of it would get lost in translation. Eventually I realized that I had all of the instinct to explore it by myself, so I did.

Listening to male R&B artists sing about intimacy in translucent and unimaginative ways over the years, ALITA began to question why women weren’t actively exploring the same subject. She adds, It sparked this desire in me to write a song about intimacy from a woman’s perspective… I’m talking about something that we all share, most of us experience and enjoy, but still remains taboo. My goal is to keep that open raw feeling in new music. Talking about the taboo or the shame we all feel at times, and calling it for what it is regardless of the topic, that’s the best part of writing and that’s when you get your best work.”

ALITA continues to deliver good music. She radiates power.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s a masterpiece in my opinion.

You can stream Bodies on Spotify or YouTube!