Introducing: I Want Poetry – Islanders

From the ancient Saxon capital of Dresden, Germany comes a music that is profound, otherworldly and unpredictably edgy. Enigmatic indie duo I WANT POETRY combine into a harmonious whole what may at first glance seem contradictory, their music emerging out of a stylistic no-man’s-land where modern Indie Pop and ethereal elements smash and blend into something entirely new.

Islanders is from I Want Poetry’s upcoming album Human Touch.

The song features unique vocals, powerful melodies and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, I Want Poetry delivers. They have an impressive writing style.

Islanders gives a voice to those hungry for change, for a future that is more instead of just more of the same. A song about unity and connection in a rapidly changing world and an anthem to the advocates of a change for the better.

“Everywhere we look, there’s people uniting for a common cause: To work together for a today worth living in and a future worth living for. The earth is our island, and we are all connected in our hunger for that human touch.”, says singer Tine von Bergen.

The video, an artful collage of double-exposure shots, reflects on humanity and our place in the world. Vast, untouched landscapes blend with the machinery of civilization, the wonders of nature with the creations of mankind.

I Want Poetry’s talent has no end. They are so artistic.

Islanders deserves 5 stars. It’s a must-hear.

The song has been nominated at the 2020 European Songwriting Awards.

You can stream Islanders on Spotify or YouTube!