Introducing: Carla J. Easton – Never Knew You

Carla J. Easton makes POP music.

She just released a new single titled Never Knew You.

The song features quirky pop melodies, amazing vocals, unique grooves, and catchy hooks.

Lyrically, Easton delivers. She has an impressive writing style.

Never Knew You was written following Easton being diagnosed with anxiety and beginning Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a therapeutic practice that aims to change problematic behavioural patterns. “I had a difficult year in 2019 and began CBT after being diagnosed with anxiety, low self-esteem and grief that had been shadowing my life since I was a teenager” explains Easton. “It’s important to recognise the people you surround yourself with and the support they can offer you”.

Never Knew You acknowledges the pedestal you can place someone on – what you hope they will be – and what happens when they crash down from that height. “But, on a positive note, that’s ok because you realise you now know yourself through the process” she says.

The video tells the story of the song. Filmed and edited by Austin Temby.

Easton’s music connects with people. She radiates power. The song deserves to be heard.

Never Knew You is the second single from Carla’s forthcoming album WEIRDO released on Olive Grove Records August 2020.

Check it out below!