Introducing: davvn – white jeans

Mike and McCall met their last year of college in Boston. They bonded over our interest in music (specifically pop punk from the 2000’s) and decided to try writing together late 2016.

They just released a new single titled white jeans.

The song features quirky melodies, delicate vocals, amazing grooves, and solid hooks.

Speaking about the track, McCall says: ”I was trying to buy this pair of white jeans and all white nikes, but they were always sold out. I kept thinking “am I buying it just cause everyone else is buying it?”, “Is this really who I am?”. This song is about the struggle of trying to stay true to yourself when there is a lot of pressure to be somebody who fits into society, and most importantly figuring out the difference between the two. It’s okay to buy the same pair of shoes that everyone else is buying if it feels true to yourself.”

davvn’s music connects with people. They make real art. white jeans has all the ingredients of a hit.

Check it out below!