Introducing: Chrissie Límos – EXES

Filipino American artist Chrissie Límos has to be one of our generation’s most diverse talents when it comes to singing on the mic.

She recently released a new single titled EXES. Produced by Liam Reyes. Guitar by Magnus Klausen.

The song features catchy melodies, sublime vocals, soulful harmonies, and powerful hooks.

Lyrically, Chrissie delivers. She writes so well.

”Now I play scenarios in my head. Better conversations to formulate solutions.”

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”I wanted to write something witty and relatable with groove so you can blast it in your car with the windows down. This song is about those “could have/should have/would have been” situations people go through in their heads after a break up and thinking that becoming friends with their exes is the solution. But let’s have some common sense here, can exes really be friends?”

The music video, produced by Rey Aldana, really captures the spirit of the song. Visually, it looks cool.

”We had an awesome time filming this so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did,” comments Chrissie.

Límos is a rising superstar. Her music connects with listeners. EXES deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!