Introducing: nxtime – Future Love (feat. Kayla Joe)

nxtime is a band based out of New York City. Comprised of Ray Rubio, a singer/songwriter, and producer from Harlem who previously played in the indie band All Types of Kinds, and Nate Thompson, a guitarist/producer from Northern Colorado who played in several projects in his local music scene while studying at CU Boulder. The two are backed by Imhotep Williams, a drummer from the Bronx, and a rotating lineup of other local musicians.

nxtime just released their debut single titled Future Love (feat. Kayla Joe).

The song features soulful melodies, unique grooves, delicate vocals, and solid hooks.

Lyrically, Ray delivers. He has an impressive writing style.

”This song is about the bridge between the past and the future that exists in all of our lives. Crossing that bridge with someone else and sharing who each of you were before you met is magic,” comments Ray.

nxtime’s music connects with people. They make real art.

The song deserves to be heard. It’s a modern masterpiece, in my opinion.

You can stream Future Love on Spotify!