Introducing: RALPH – Crush

Starting with little more than talent and a vision, over the past three years RALPH has built an incredible following in the USA, Canada and Europe. She’s joined the likes of Ria Mae, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Scott Helman on three cross-Canada tours, and has drawn crowds south of the border for a North American tour with joan.

Crush is RALPH’s new single.

The song features powerful pop beats, sublime vocals, and catchy hooks.

Lyrically, RALPH shines. She writes so well.

The ultra-nostalgic Crush video features an animated pre-teen in her distinctly Y2K bedroom, drinking Crush soda, blasting her boombox, and flipping through magazines filled with RALPH pictures. A splash of celestial imagery alludes to her 2019 Gravity video, which was also animated by Amika Cooper.

RALPH notes about why she recorded the song,

“I remember being a kid and being obsessed with this world of sweet female pop music. Mandy Moore, Robyn, The Cardigans…and Crush by Jennifer Paige. I had a babysitter named Kelly who I idolized. She drove a blue convertible and chewed gum and would play Crush in the car. The song made me feel cool and flirty and powerful, and years later, I wanted to try and recreate that feeling.”

Cooper adds about creating the video,

“The story behind the Crush video is an ode to how magical it was to be a pre-teen in the early 2000s. I wanted to find a way to depict the kind of fever dream you would enter while sitting in your room, reading teen magazines and listening to your favorite pop stars and just being swept up in the fantasy of pop music. Listening to RALPH’s music always takes me back to that place, and I hoped this video would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate that.”

RALPH continues to deliver good music. Crush has all the ingredients of a hit.

Check it out below!