Introducing: Shae Brock – Dreamers Club (EP)

Photo by Chase Leonard

Pop newcomer Shae Brock flirts with the nostalgic Golden Age of Hollywood with the release of her dreamy new debut EP Dreamers Club.

The 8-track project carries themes of romance, rose-colored memories, and wanderlust. She brings to life glamorous elements from classic cinema to the raw and more vulnerable 1970’s singer/songwriter era.

One of the highlights is Underwater.

The song features compelling melodies, unique vocals, and impressive hooks.

Dreamers Club captures a wide array of influences; the song DNA even being inspired by Shae recently meeting her long-lost biological sister.

Speaking about the EP, the artist says: ”Dreamers Club is like being at a great festival. It’s an oasis to dance, dream, feel alive, be who you want to be.”

Shae continues to deliver good music. Her art speaks for itself.

Check out the EP below!