Introducing: Boxtrod – Itttching

Boxtrod is the name given to the project from songwriter and producer Aaron Kennedy. Boxtrod was born on the swim back up for air, after a series of life’s crashing waves had sent him into deep cold water. It came to be in between conversations, or on a cigarette break, with more forgotten or burned away than ever remembered. A project that was born in the process of it’s making. Some things in life die and others become reborn. Boxtrod was born in that breath.

He recently released his new single Itttching.

The song features soothing melodies, dreamy vocals, and unique rhythms.

Lyrically, Boxtrod delivers. Every line in the song has much meaning.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”This song is about the closing of the hardest period of my life. I was moving away from where I grew up, I lost my house, and was breaking up in a relationship. The night before I left town I crashed and totaled my car, and all these things felt like a big door slamming shut on this chapter of my life that was so hard and confusing. It felt like I was leaving it all behind with nothing left to move forward with. But, in that feeling I had a odd sense of hope that even though I didn’t know what I would do in the coming months or years, that at least all of these things were left behind me and I had to carve a new path for myself. That’s where the chorus lyrics come from, “when i die, I’m not doing it alone, and when I die, I aint going home.” If I could pick up the pieces of what I had left and build something new with it, I could have an even better life than before. It felt like a forest fire had ravished my life and that the hope in the song was like the little sprouts of new life emerging after the fire.”

Boxtrod’s music connects with people. His art speaks to the soul.

Itttching deserves 5 stars. It’s a must-hear.

Boxtrod is currently working on a debut album.

Check out the song below!