Introducing: Bestfriend – Last Bus In The A.M.

Indie pop duo Bestfriend is the culmination of two young artists joining forces to create music from thousands of miles apart. Formed over Instagram DM’s in August of 2018 after years of independent musical growth, Stacy Kim (on the West Coast) and Kaelan Geoffrey (on the East Coast) met briefly in person through a mutual friend, bonding over their common use of an MPK MIDI keyboard.

They just released their new single Last Bus In The A.M.. It’s a real bop.

The song features nostalgic melodies, smooth dual vocals, solid hooks, and quirky rhythms.

Bestfriend continues to deliver good music. Last Bus In The A.M. deserves 5 stars. Every second is captivating.

The duo has one hell of a year ahead of them; they plan on releasing a full-length EP by early 2021, and hope to begin touring in 2022 to share their sound with the world.

Check out Last Bus In The A.M. below!