Introducing: Davy Boi – Do Myself Better

Photo by Zach Bell

Davy Boi is an alternative R&B artist.

He just released his new single Do Myself Better. Produced by MKBLV and Shiftee.

Do Myself Better sounds so good. The song features quirky rhythms, smooth vocals, tailored pop top-lines, and catchy hooks.

Davy may exude confidence, but that is not without working through issues of self-love and self-doubt from his youth. His year-long absence was largely due to unexpected anxiety and depression that consumed most of that time.

Davy reflects, “Do Myself Better is a pledge to take self-care more seriously. It’s about looking at Imposter Syndrome in the face and confronting daily anxiety in a tongue and cheek manner. I know other people are experiencing feelings of not being the best versions of themselves, so I wanted to give a voice to that and say, ‘Hey, you’re not alone. Same here.’”

The single is accompanied by Davy’s new podcast series of the same name – Do Myself Better. On it, he sits down with predominately Queer talents to discuss self-care particularly during the current global pandemic.

Davy continues to deliver good music. His talent has no end. Do Myself Better deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!