Introducing: WHIPPED CREAM – I Won’t Let You Fall (feat. Finn Askew)

Artist and producer WHIPPED CREAM’s talents for expressing herself through music are undeniable. Born in Toronto as Caroline Cecil, she spent her formative years as a competitive figure skater before a fateful accident brought a new passion for production into focus. Now, WHIPPED CREAM is living proof that everything happens for a reason.

She teams up with singer/songwriter Finn Askew for heartbreaking new single, I Won’t Let You Fall.

The song features quirky melodies, impressive rhythms, outstanding vocals, and memorable hooks.

I Won’t Let You Fall is about trying to trust someone you love.

The animated video really captures the spirit of the song. Visually, it looks cool.

WHIPPED CREAM creates an atmosphere. The song deserves 5 stars.

She’s currently working on a EP to be released next month called, WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM.

Check out I Won’t Let You Fall below!