Introducing: Audrey De Boer – S L E E P

A 18 year old artist from a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. Audrey’s projects are personal and deep and as you dive into her lyrics you will find that is very well reflected. Audrey hopes that her listeners can relate her lyrics to their own life experiences and always vibe to her music exploring lust, love, vulnerability, fears, and finding your self power.

She recently released a new single titled S L E E P.

The song features quirky melodies, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

S L E E P is a song which talks about the trauma of fears haunting your mind at night and leaving you sleepless. The song can be related to situations that terrify anyone at night. A creepy, powerful song about reclaiming yourself from fears or abuse that make you feel trapped and/or held down but you know that someday you are going to get through it and you will be okay.

Audrey continues to deliver good music. She has so much talent. S L E E P deserves 5 stars. Every second is worth it.

Check out the song below!