Introducing: Hadley Kennary – Painter

Hadley Kennary is an artist/songwriter based in Nashville.

Following the release of her buzz-worthy first single of 2020 Blueprint, she returns with the nostalgic summer song Painter. Produced by Jake Finch. Written by Hadley and Emily Hackett.

The song features bittersweet melodies, sublime vocals, pop grooves, and catchy hooks.

”People come and people go. As we go in and out of each other’s orbits, leaving marks and impressions along the way, it’s easy to get nostalgic. Sometimes that nostalgia turns into regret, and I find myself struggling to move forward and let go. But I’m learning that sometimes we have to choose to see those marks as part of the bigger picture: the smooth lines and the edges, the bright colors and the mistakes…they all add to the polychromatic masterpiece we call life,” comments the artist/songwriter.

Hadley creates an atmosphere. Her music speaks for itself. Painter deserves to be heard.

Check out the song below!