Introducing: Aimee Vant – An Astronaut Who Misses Home

Aimee Vant is a fresh face in the industry with a timeless adoration for storytelling. She’s refreshingly unapologetic and offers a candid and conversational take on the strengths and downfalls of being human.

Vant recently released her new single Who Misses Home. Produced by Noah Hubbell.

The song features brilliant acoustic guitar work, sublime vocals, smooth harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, Vant delivers. She writes so well.

”I think right now it’s safe to say that we’re all discovering isolation in a completely new light. I wrote an Astronaut Who Misses Home in under an hour, because the feeling of loneliness became so tangible in these recent months. It’s a simple message but it’s one that felt too relevant not to express. Human connection is definitely more important yet more ambiguous than ever, and this song is meant to highlight that. Of course we have video calling and remote technology, but I think it’s especially easy to feel like you’re on the moon right now,” comments the artist.

Vant creates an atmosphere. Her music speaks to the soul. An Astronaut Who Misses Home deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!