Introducing: Peachkit – Heartstrings

Introducing Peachkit: the artist who wants to be heard and not seen.

A songwriter producer at heart, with multiple number one writing credits, Peachkit grew frustrated writing songs she loved for other artists, only for them not to be taken. So she gathered a team of fellow creatives and cut the songs herself.

Peachkit recently released Heartstrings.

The song features unique grooves, memorable hooks, and a stellar three-part harmony.

Lyrically, Peachkit delivers. She has an impressive writing style. Her words are full of meaning.

“Trying to ignore me
Will only waste time
You’ll never find
The symphony I’m selling
I am the secret you should be telling”

Heartstrings is Peachkit’s open letter to the music industry. It’s the essence of who and what Peachkit is, and the song that set the whole project in motion.

It’s about how she’s seen too many talented artists trip up because they were persuaded to jump through the same old, one-size-fits-all hoops that the industry so often relies on. Ultimately, it’s about how she wants to do things differently.

Musically, Peachkit is a genius. The song deserves to be heard.

Heartstrings is out now on Don’t Eat The Grass Records.

Check it out below!