Introducing: Dominik Klein – Change Of Heart

Dominik Klein is a pop singer/songwriter from Germany.

He recently released his new single Change Of Heart.

The song features smooth guitar work, soulful vocals, sublime harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, Dominik delivers. He has called this song the most personal song he’s ever written.

“There’s an undeniable change of the heart
Who would have guessed
staying close would tear us apart”

The video captures the lyrics perfectly. It was directed by Dennis Dirksen and Sebastian Greuel.

Dominik makes real art. Change Of Heart deserves 5 stars.

”I love how powerful music is. Music connects people. That is what I really want when I make music – I want to connect people through my songs.”

Currently, Dominik is working on his upcoming first EP.

Check out Change Of Heart below!