Introducing: Nyssa – The Swans

Nyssa is a singer/songwriter/producer from Toronto.

She just released her new single, The Swans. It’s a real bop,

The song features unique grooves, synth sounds, sublime vocals, and catchy hooks.

Lyrically, Nyssa delivers. She has an impressive writing style.

Discussing The Swans, Nyssa states, ”The Swans is a present day, apocalypse-era reply to Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark for Bowie’s Modern Love. I wrote it before the pandemic, but in anticipation of the need to live above and against the fire and brimstone, to forever fall in love with the natural world. The forsaking of matrimony in The Swans is just another chain-cutting metaphor, another way of saying no to the trappings of the past and committing to a freer future. It’s an anti-property love song directed at the entire experience of living.”

The video really captures the spirit of the song. It was directed by Ron Hollywood, Randi-Lynn Paxton, Paulina Schultz and Nyssa. Edited by Andrew Matthews.

Nyssa has so much talent. Her music connects with people.

The Swans is featured on Nyssa’s debut album, Girls Like Me, out August 21.

Check out the song below!