Introducing: SHY Martin – Are you happy?

Photo by Hampus Hjellström

Today, Swedish artist and prolific songwriter SHY Martin (real name Sara Hjellström) has released her highly anticipated sophomore EP, Sad Songs.

The culmination of a momentous year lined with a string of single releases that have solidified SHY’s place among pop music’s top rising stars, Sad Songs represents a striking evolution in SHY’s artistry and songwriting. As she describes: “After releasing my first EP, I felt like I wanted to make a more stripped down and personal collection of songs. I wanted to go back to that same feeling of when I first started writing songs on my guitar. All of these songs were written in different combinations of people I love working with in Sweden. The title of the EP Sad Songs actually came from the working title of Lose You Too and stuck with me for some reason. At first it was only a joke since I always end up writing sad songs. But after living with it for some time, it felt like the perfect name of this EP since it only has sad songs on it.”

One of the highlights is Are you happy?.

The song features modern pop melodies, stellar vocals, and memorable hooks.

SHY wrote the song with two other Swedish songwriters – Kristin Carpenter and Rasmus Bundy. They write with such depth.

Are you happy? is about looking back at an old relationship appreciating that it happened even though it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. The ending of one relationship is often the start of a new one.

The video captures the song’s essence perfectly. It was directed by Hampus Hjellström & the Swedish artist.

SHY’s music speaks to the soul. She creates an atmosphere. Are you happy? deserves 5 stars. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Check out the song below!