Introducing: DYLYN – Find Myself

DYLYN is Gwendolyn Lewis.

She worked with Ryan Guldemond (of Mother Mother) on Find Myself, the latest single to be released from an upcoming EP.

It’s a song with brilliant guitar work, powerful vocals, infections pop hooks, and impressive melodies.

Lyrically, DYLYN delivers. Her writing skills are unique.

After working with Ryan, I thought, ‘This is it. This is finally the stuff I’ve been wanting to write. The 18-year-old me has returned.’ I hadn’t felt that excited in a long time.” Adding, “everyone says just be yourself.  It’s the hardest thing to do. A lot of artists are natural pleasers. I struggled with that for a long time: making sure everyone in the room was okay and happy at the cost of my art and my truth. This is the first time where it’s more about the art and less about what other people think, going back to what I enjoyed doing about this in the first place. That’s why I couldn’t sleep after those sessions with Ryan.”

As an homage to classic horror films, the official video for Find Myself is directed by Saint and produced by Motion 20 Productions & Virul Media Productions (Toronto). Speaking with PopMatters, DYLYN says, “when you dabble in horror, I’m a big believer of subtleties – catching a small movement in the background. I actually made the masks on the creatures and really wanted to make sure they felt like shadows – it was hard to light them without capturing the fabric of the suits they were in.”  Adding, “growing up, I was always the first one to pick the scariest movie. There’s a thrill with being on the edge while watching a film… waiting for that scary presence to pass the screen. It all came together quite naturally, I remember listening to the song and feeling this dark creepiness to the record. I really wanted to weave the worlds together. It was a little unsettling building and laying in a coffin.”

DYLYN has so much talent. She creates an atmosphere. Find Myself deserves 5 stars.

Check out the song below!