Introducing: FRÉNE & Lincoln Jesser – Bad Boys

Bad Boys is a collaboration between new Swedish vocalist FRÉNE and Coachella-born artist/producer Lincoln Jesser.

FRÉNE caught Lincoln’s ear with a few casual singing videos after she followed him on Instagram due to being a fan of his prolific work with alt-pop favorite Terror Jr. The two quickly built a rapport and soon enough were trading audio back and forth from their smartphones.

Bad Boys sounds so good. The song features smacking drums. warm pulsating synths, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

FRÉNE’s lyrics are impressive. She writes so well. Every line in the song is golden.

Bad Boys tells the story of FRÉNE (aka Evelina Johnsson)’s love-hate relationship with Mr. Wrongs.

The two are talented musicians. Bad Boys has all the ingredients of a hit.

Check out the song below!