Introducing: Bethany Davey – Heavy Days

Photo by lauramannersphotography

Bethany Davey is a feisty singer/songwriter and performer set for world domination.

She recently released her new single Heavy Days.

The song features pop sounds, stellar vocals, memorable hooks, and soothing harmonies.

Bethany writes with authenticy. She’s an inspiration for us all. Heavy Days touches on both mental health and self esteem.

”I wrote this song on my bedroom floor simply from the piano melody you hear in the intro of the song, and it holds a lot of memories. I hope in some way, you can relate to the lyrics,” comments the singer/songwriter.

Bethany creates an atmosphere. Her work radiates power. Heavy Days deserves 5 stars. It’s a masterpiece, in my opinion.

The song was produced by Exire and Halliard.

Check out Heavy Days below!