Introducing: Tanya George – My Hymn

Tanya George was born and raised in St Kilda, Melbourne’s ever-evolving arts and entertainment hub, and it shows; her evolutionary electro-pop takes the genre to innovative new heights.

She creates her songs completely via voice; using a technique called vocal looping.

My Hymn sounds so good. The song features stellar vocals, sublime harmonies, memorable hooks, and subtle grooves.

Lyrically, Tanya delivers. She writes with authenticity.

My Hymn expresses that music can be a person’s soul purpose and was created whilst street performing (busking) in Melbourne, Australia.

The film clip supports the track made up of footage taken by travellers from all over the world in Melbourne’s CBD.

Tanya has so much talent. Her music creates an atmosphere. My Hymn deserves to be heard.

The song comes from her upcoming EP Normality.

Check out My Hymn below!