Introducing: Rebecka Reinhard – A Pick

With her highly-anticipated new EP Whale set to land on August 21st through Crowds And Power, Swedish dream-pop artist Rebecka Reinhard now returns to share her latest single A Pick.

The song features stellar vocals, brilliant guitar work, unique grooves, dreamy sounds, and memorable hooks.

Rebecka’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with so much depth.

Speaking about the meaning behind A Pick, the dream-pop artist said, “So I found this pick. A guitar pick. It was lying on the ground, face down and I obviously went to pick it up and when I flipped it over it had my ex’s name on it, in big black letters, just staring at me like a bad joke. I was still kind of in the process of getting over this person but instead of throwing the pick away I pocketed it and went home and wrote a song about it. Being a true Pisces, shredding the pick until it was all worn down and the name had started fading, I felt like that was the most vengeance I would get. And I felt pretty ok with that. A Pick encapsulates that feeling I often get of not getting things done the right way or being able to make sense of an overwhelming reality but faking it the best I can, hoping no one will notice.”

Rebecka creates an atmosphere. Her music captures listeners. A Pick deserves 5 stars. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Check out the song below!