Introducing: Seersha – Lie To You

Photo credit: Tatiana Kazana

With two EPs and a handful of single and collab drops under her belt, Seersha–an Atlanta-based producer, artist, and “rising star” [DiscoBelle]–is no stranger to the indie synthpop scene.

She just released her new single Lie To You. It’s a real bop.

The song has sublime vocal harmonies, memorable hooks, unique grooves and a prominent arpeggiated synth.

Seersha’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with authenticity.

Speaking to the motivation behind Lie To You, Seersha shares:

In my experience, if you want a solid relationship, you need trust. To build trust, you need honesty. Sometimes that means owning up to some harsh realities. When I wrote this song, I was looking at some ugly thought habits in my own life that were damaging my relationship with myself and the ones I love the most. I think we’re in a cultural moment in which many of us are waking up to ugly realities, both in our society and within our own paradigms. I hope this song encourages listeners to push through those hard conversations, forgive themselves, and make lasting positive change.

Lie To Me is accompanied by a bright, lemon-styled visual directed by Tatiana Kazana and edited by Seersha and Kazana themselves. Seeing the songstress surrounded by the sour fruit while promising, “I’m never gonna lie to you…even if the truth makes me look like a real jerk, a real piece of work” brings to mind the old phrase, “The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow.” On the other side of that pill is a retro synthpop bop brought to life by a vivacious female creative team that offers a wholesome and earnest missive: honesty is the best policy.

Seersha continues to deliver good music. Lie to You deserves 5 stars. It’s a masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check out the song below!