Introducing: syd B – good good

syd B is an LA-hailed artist & songwriter.

She recently released her new single good good.

The song features smooth melodies, powerful vocals, unique grooves, and memorable hooks.

syd’s lyrics are impressive. Her words flow with depth.

good good is a deeply personal track about letting go of toxic, complicated relationships, even when that means leaving without getting a “good” goodbye.

“You know when you keep letting someone in who you know fucks you up, but you think it’ll magically go away and get better? This song helped me come to terms with knowing that I’ve been somewhere too many times before, and finally walking away. Finally realizing that last time was enough to know that no amount of revisits can force the reconciliation that I think many of us romanticize. Sometimes you just have to let go.”

syd has so much talent. She creates an atmosphere. good good deserves to be heard. It’s a masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check out the song below!