Introducing: Chris James – The Green

Born to an American Father and a German mother Chris spent his teenage years in between two continents. After changing his name from his old stage name „Chris Brenner“ to „Chris James“ he also shifted his sound from singer-songwriter ballads to writing mature groove-heavy pop songs. On his trips he spent a lot of time working with writers in Los Angeles, Berlin, Nashville and Denmark who helped him further develop his musical direction.

Chris just released a new single entitled The Green. It’s a soulful pop ballad exploring deep affection.

The song features brilliant guitar work, smooth grooves, sublime vocals, catchy sounds, and dreamy hooks.

Chris’s lyrics are impressive. His words flow with authenticity. Every line in the song is golden.

”it’s impossible not to fall in love with you”

The video captures the spirit of the video. It was filmed by Framebar Films.

Chris has so much talent. He creates an atmosphere. The Green deserves 5 stars.

Check out the song below!