Introducing: Jen Moon – Loading…

Jen Moon is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter who isn’t shy when it comes to expressing complex emotions and experiences through her music.

She just released her debut album MOONOLOGY.

”The process of making this album has been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun experiences I’ve ever had. It’s so crazy to me how what started as a few cool ideas eventually grew into the songs that they are today.”

One of the highlights is Loading…. Produced by Drew Lee.

The song has smooth beats, soulful vocals, unique melodies, and solid hooks.

Lyrically, Moon delivers. She writes with authenticity.

“I love how [music and songwriting] enables me to say something that was so deeply held in. Once I sing it, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Like a weight that’s lifted off my chest. It’s a way for people to make sense of what they’re feeling. Once you write a song and sing it, you’re kind of letting go of it.”

Moon creates an atmosphere. Her music connects with people. Loading… deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!