Introducing: Evelyn Cools – Soaring

Evelyn Cools is a folk-rock artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Coming from a multi-cultural background, she is originally from Belgium but has spent her whole life moving between different corners of the world including Hong Kong, Budapest and London.

Cools just released her new EP Misfit Paradise (

“Inspired by times of restlessness, elation, heartbreak, and wonder, Misfit Paradise explores the complex relationships we have with ourselves, others, and our environment, and how we find peace and meaning within it all,” Cools says. “It is about life’s greatest joys – love, acceptance, nature, adventure – but also its greatest sorrows. It aims to capture little specs of magic against a world of unknowns.”

One of the highlights of the EP is definitely Soaring.

The song features brilliant acoustic guitar work, stellar vocals, smooth harmonies and memorable hooks.

Cools’ lyrics are impressive. She writes with authenticity. Soaring is about letting go of pressures and expectation.

“I’m soaring / Over the clouds / Never looking back”

The artist makes really good music. Her stories are interesting. Soaring deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!