Introducing: Sophie Seng – Fly

Sophie Seng is a Los Angeles-based composer, vocalist, and saxophone player. Her eclectic style pushes the boundaries of genre while maintaining a common thread of honesty and vulnerability.

The latest release from Sophie is Home EP. This experimental five-track project explores many different meanings of the word “home;” from the physical location to the abstract sense of comfort and belonging.

One of the highlights is Fly. In this introductory track, Sophie sings about searching for home in a new city. Fly establishes the themes of the EP, as she sings of confronting her feelings of loneliness and instability in her new life as a young adult.

The song features brilliant piano work, sublime vocals, and smooth harmonies.

Seng create worlds. Her music inspires. Every line has meaning.

“I wish that you would stay,
distract me from these
thoughts that I’m staving off
Let’s grab a drink or maybe two and I’ll talk”

Fly deserves to be heard. It’s a masterpiece, in my opinion. Very interesting song.

Check it out below!