Introducing: Adler XCVI – Back To You

Jake Adler (Adler XCVI) is a 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He just released his new single Back To You.

The song features brilliant guitar work, stellar vocals, catchy hooks, smooth grooves, and sublime harmonies.

Adler’s lyrics are impressive. His words flow with authenticity.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: Back to You is about a girl that I have known for the last six years. We had a quick fling when we were very young and then have kept in touch throughout our numerous relationships. We are finally both living in close proximity and are single, so I reached out to her. She essentially said she wants to be alone for a while as she has just gotten out of a long relationship. This song is my response to her.”

Adler continues to deliver good music. Back To You deserves 5 stars. Honest and vulnerable song. A masterpiece.

Check it out below!