Introducing: Emi Jeen – Runaway

Emi Jeen’s songs tell a tale – at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful.

She just released her new single Runaway. Produced by Derek Hoffman. Mixed by Tayler Kernohan.

The song features catchy pop sounds, outstanding vocals, powerful hooks, and unique grooves.

Emi writes with so much depth. Every line is golden. You believe every word she sings.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”When I first began to write the lyrics for this song, I was in LA and just wanted to escape reality. I wasn’t comfortable in my current situation, having so many disappointments fighting the music business for the last 10 years. I often feel so different when I’m in another country and feel like there’s so many new opportunities that I feel like another person. On that trip, I began to see a little light out of the blurriness and started writing in the backyard of my Airbnb. Two years later, back in the studio, the song came to life. With the confinement and closed borders we are facing now, the urge to escape is heightened. It’s okay to start all over again and to take risks. I hope Runaway serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to change things around and move on and take a different path.”

The video captures the essence of the song. Impressive piece of work.

Emi creates an atmosphere. She’s a big inspiration for us all. Runaway deserves to be heard. A nice song with a powerful message.

Check it out below!