Introducing: JVSMINE – take me over

Singapore born, Fiji raised, London based. A laid back island girl JVSMINE has been singing for years and now wants to share her story in her own music.

Created remotely in lockdown, take me over is JVSMINE’s third single. Produced by Jorge Arango Kure.

The song has soulful melodies, percussive elements of afrobeats, sublime vocals, dreamy sounds, and memorable hooks.

JVSMINE’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with authenticity.

The theme reflects notes on depression, the weight and heaviness that comes with it and wanting to get away from the city. ‘I hope this encourages listeners that we can move through our dark moments. Nothing lasts forever’.

The video itself was made by JVSMINE on her iPhone, using old clips, memories and some footage shot by her sister in their garden during lockdown. ‘I wanted to create something that would have looked and felt like my spring/summer of 2020 if it wasn’t for Covid-19. Jorge (producer) and I are always reminiscing about our hometowns and just miss chilling with our friends in the sun, so it had to be nostalgic.’ Footage includes memories in London, Singapore and where JVSMINE and Jorge Arango Kure grew up- Fiji and Colombia.

JVSMINE is an inspiring artist. Her music connects with people. take me over deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!