Introducing: ARI – IDIOT GRL

Photo by Nicole Davis

Rising artist ARI has released her debut EP IDIOT GRL, accompanied by a music video for the project’s title track, out now. The five-track EP features previous singles Cold War and Oh Well, showcasing ARI’s versatility as she refuses to limit her sound to one specific genre.

IDIOT GRL sounds so impressive. The song features pop sounds, outstanding vocals, and powerful hooks.

ARI’s writes with authenticity. Every line in the song has meaning.

The EP tackles themes of mental health, self-worth, and the unattainable ideals of perfection. IDIOT GRL tells the unfiltered story of Ari’s childhood.

Speaking on the project, ARI explains: “This EP has been my baby since 2020 began, however it was conceived long before this year. It is a culmination of the deeply personal inner workings of my brain and the story of how I became me. How I took the self-deprecating title of IDIOT GRL and turned it into a persona I am proud to now own.”

In addition to the EP release, ARI has treated fans to a music video for IDIOT GRL Directed by Lebni Avitia, the video shows ARI reflecting on her youth in her childhood bedroom. She unveils her insecurities and how they shape her today – from embracing her multiracial identity growing up in a predominantly white community and difficulty making friends, to internal pressures to excel in all aspects of her life. IDIOT GRL puts ARI’s biggest fears center stage – quite literally – as she faces those negative thoughts head on.

ARI has so much talent. She continues to deliver good music. IDIOT GRL captivates listeners. What a song. It’s so honest and pure!