Introducing: Leila Sunier – Sober/Without

Leila Sunier is a singer-songwriter.

She recently released her new single, Sober/Without. Produced by Alex Newport (City and Colour, At The Drive In, Moaning).

The song features brilliant guitar work, outstanding vocals, smooth grooves, nostalgic sounds, and memorable hooks.

Sunier’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with so much depth. Every line has meaning. The story captivates from beginning to end.

“Summer melts the chill of spring snow
But the lines will still remain
Packaged by plastic in coats”

“For me, Sober/Without has always acted as the project’s preface. Immediately, I lay it all on the line with that first lyric, saying “I’ll figure it out when I’m sober,” while admitting, “I’m hardly sober”. That right there is the core of it all. From there, it could go either way. Releasing this music almost five months into a global pandemic has certainly given me some thought towards the setting of the song. I wrote this song in the summer of last year, and the entire story is centered around the ‘bar’. Today, the setting isn’t really a viable one. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that culture around it doesn’t still permeate. It makes you wonder, and it makes you hope that people you know are doing alright.” – Sunier

The lead single off of Sunier’s sophomore EP, Sober/Without is anthemic yet precautionary to the main themes explored in the artist’s upcoming project.

Sunier continues to deliver good music. Sober/Without deserves to be heard. A modern masterpiece. This is what I call music.

Check it out below!