Introducing: R E L – Placebo

R E L is a Chicago born/LA based singer-songwriter.

Her single Placebo was released in November 2019.

The song features unique melodies, sublime vocals, pop grooves, catchy sounds and solid hooks.

R E L’s lyrics are impressive. She’s a skilled writer. Every line is golden. Placebo tells an interesting story.

“I’m good at finding the flaws
A knack for seeing the cracks in the walls
It knocks me down, I breathe you in, you lift me up above it
You’re a high without a come down
Trip without a crash”

R E L recently said to LADYGUNN, Placebo is a song about a relationship that makes you feel better, even if it’s not really fixing you. It’s the placebo effect – it’s just you, and you feel better thinking you’re taking this ​medicine.​ This pill in a tuxedo – this romantic dream which we’re often taught completes us – might make you feel high, but it’s really only ourselves that can fix ourselves. We can help each other, LOVE EACH OTHER (!!) but in the end home isn’t in another person, it’s in our own heart. It’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship – if you can find a bit of yourself from a relationship, that’s the magic. Romantic love is beautiful–sometimes our lover can love us into loving ourselves more, and sometimes losing a lover teaches us to love ourselves more. Surrendering to heart. Ultimately it’s all about heart. Heart is the realest place. Can you keep it real?”

The video captures the spirit of the song. It was directed by Emilio Guerra.

”I’m grateful to have worked on this video with some people I love. So much has changed since we filmed. Globally, locally, personally. This video captured a moment in my life, in our lives.”

R E L has so much talent. She makes real art. Placebo deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of work. A modern masterpiece.

Check it out below!