Introducing: Anastasia Lynne – Springtime

Anastasia Lynne is a Los Angeles based Indie/soul artist.

She just released her new single Springtime. A real bop.

The song features brilliant guitar work, powerful vocals, groovy rhythms, catchy hooks, and sublime harmonies.

Anastasia lyrics are unique. She’s tells an interesting story.

”This is the first poppy, happy love song I’ve ever written! I’ve always struggled with writing an upbeat tune but I love pop music and I wanted to see what my take would be. I’m an old soul so it’s a more retro version of pop than your typical 102.7 kiss fm radio style. I wrote it about the true love in a relationship which is really more about sacrifice and putting another person in front of yourself than all the mushy gushy love we always hear about. I think you can have them both but I don’t think you can have one without the other for love can stand the test of time.”

Anastasia creates an atmosphere. Her music shines bright as ever. This song is just really good. Perfect for dancing.

Check out Springtime below!