Introducing: Laura Marano – Honest With You

Laura Marano is a classically-trained singer-songwriter who has written over 100 songs with some of today’s biggest writers, totaling over 200 million streams across streaming platforms.

She recently released her new single Honest With You. A real bop. Produced by Ido.

Honest With You sounds so good. The song features pop sounds, outstanding vocals, catchy hooks, and smooth guitar work.

Laura wrote Honest With You with Delacey. Their writing skills are impressive. They tell an interesting story. Every line in the song is golden.

“I hide behind walls you can visit
That’s just my defense mechanism
You won’t ever hear what I’m thinking
But I might change my mind in a minute”

“Pure honesty can be absolutely terrifying. I think of honesty as the ultimate layer of vulnerability, for the moment you are honest with someone, you open yourself to the possibility of pain. Not feeling understood or heard. However, being completely honest with someone, and having them be honest with you, gives you peace, sets you free, and allows a special type of love to take place,” comments Laura.

The classically-trained singer-songwriter has so much talent. Her music creates an atmosphere. She makes real art. Honest With You deserves 5 stars. Perfect for this summer. The song captivates listeners.

Laura’s second EP will be released this fall.

Check out Honest With You below!