Introducing: Lorana – Moonwater

Lorana writes songs about questions without answers.

Moonwater is the third single from her self-produced Here In Between EP.

The song features stellar vocals, smooth harmonies, quirky rhythms, catchy sounds, solid hooks, and homemade samples.

Lorana’s lyrics are full of depth. She’s a skilled writer. Every line in the song has meaning.

“This song is about the highs and lows of my emotions. I often experience very high highs, but that means the lows can get really low, which results in me losing that feeling of having a ‘middle ground’. I know that’s just a part of who I am, and I’m learning to accept that instead of trying to change it”, Lorana explains. While her first singles conveyed a duality between both her homeplaces, Moonwater explores this duality in her personality.

Lorana creates worlds. Her music speaks to the soul. Moonwater deserves 5 stars. It’s an interesting piece of work.

Check out the song below!