Introducing: CARLA J EASTON – WEIRDO (feat. Honeyblood)

Be bold, be brave, be uncompromising, don’t brush your hair, scuff your shoes, stay up late, wear your records thin, have fun, learn from your mistakes, control your own destiny, say what you mean and mean what you say. Be a weirdo. Carla J. Easton teams up with the indomitbale Honyeblood for WEIRDO the third single from Easton’s forthcoming album of the same name (out on 28th August).

The song features energetic grooves, powerful vocals, catchy hooks, brilliant guitar work, and nostalgic sounds.

EASTON writes with authenticity. Her lyrics are full of surprises. She’s a creative soul. Every line in the song is golden.

WEIRDO deserves 5 stars. It’s a fantastic piece of work. A modern gem.

This song was produced and mixed by Stephen Watkins.

Check out WEIRDO below!